My Ode to David LaChapelle

It’s a great learning tool to pick photographers that inspire you, have a style you admire, or even someone you’ve never heard of, and emulate their work. This is my emulation of a master, David LaChapelle. If you’ve never heard of him…google! Or better yet, here’s a link…

He’s known for off-the-wall sometimes shocking work. Props have to go out to anyone that can get a shocked response to art in a society that’s seen it all. Huge props. This man is beyond creative, and not only a master of photography, but also a master of Photoshop. It was a challenge to go so far out of my comfort zone I couldn’t even see it anymore. Shooting in a way I never have before, and also taking on huge post production job, my biggest to date! It was an amazing look into a different avenue of photography and I gotta say, I’m hooked! I learned valuable lessons, got a great response from my peers and I had a blast doing it!
Also I have to give HUGE modeling credit to my love, CC. He rocked it!